Seafood Penang Curry Ramen

The holy molly ramen has gone through a makeover! Yes it’s spicy and seafoody and flippin’ glorious and super easy to make! I think I might have hit the jackpot with this baby. So if you are a fan of all things seafood, all things spicy and all things soupy give this fella a go and let me know what you think! P.S. This is also awesome if you are feeling under the weather!

Bowl of Seafood Panang Curry
Seafood Penang Curry

Ingredients for 2:

3 shiitake mushrooms
7 spears of asparagus
½ red onion
1 nugget of ginger
½ lime
Handful of beansprouts
Handful of mangetout
1 red chilli
2 eggs
¼ of cucumber
Penang curry paste
1 can of coconut milk
100 g of frozen mixed seafood
2 portions of ramen noodles
4 Tsp of toasted sesame oil
1 Tsp of sesame seeds

How to:

Start by prepping your vegetables: peal, slice and chop them like so:

Vegetable prep for the curry

Next step is to cook the asparagus, shiitake mushrooms, mangetouts, ginger, sesame seeds and beansprouts on high heat in toasted sesame oil. You can do this in a wok or any deep frying pan.

While that is sizzling away, cook your frozen or fresh seafood mix, according to the package instructions, in a dash of olive oil. In a small sauce pot, boil your ramen noodles and your eggs for 5-6 minutes.

For the Penang curry sauce, mix ½ of the curry paste with 1 can of coconut milk, and whisk on low heat until fully incorporated.

If you are more of a visual cook you can follow the below:

4 Step Panang Curry Recipe

Everything is ready now so you can start putting your ramen together: put your noodles on the bottom of a bowl, add the Penang curry sauce, veggies, seafood and garnish with fresh chilli, cucumber and red onion. All you have to do now is add a wedge of lime and munch!

Seafood Panang Curry Ramen
Seafood Panang Curry Ramen

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