Vegetable Pilaf & Sunny Side Up Egg

Well hello there meatless Thursday! Sometimes I like to have a day where I substitute meat for any other type of protein and what better gem to substitute that for than eggs! I love rice and I love how quick it is to make it and the fact that it doesn’t leave me feeling like I am moving in slow motion after eating so for today’s meal I went for a light, yet super filling rice dish. Whether you are a vegetarian or you just like to opt for a meatless meal, I am sure this will hit the spot. So go ahead, grab your pan and get cooking!

Vegetable Pilau with Sunny Side Up Egg
Vegetable Pilau with Sunny Side Up Egg


½ cup of frozen vegetable mix
1 cup of long grain rice
1 tsp of oil
1 egg
Salt and pepper to season
1 cup of vegetable stock (you can use any flavour you like)

How to:

The secret to good rice that doesn’t stick is to wash it thoroughly, in cold water before cooking it. So once you’ve done that, add 2 cups of cold stock to your rice and boil on medium heat for 15 minutes or until the water has reduced and the grains are nice and tender.

Now take your rice off the heat, and drain it under cold water (this stops the cooking process and stops your rice grains from sticking to each other).

In a separate sauce pan, boil the frozen veg mix, for 10 minutes on medium heat, and add to the rice.

Now you can fry your egg, season your pilaf and serve!

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