Chicken & Feta Cauliflower Fried Rice

So, lately I have been on a bit of a healthy binge. I’m not sure whether it is just because of summer or perhaps the prospects of actually going on holiday this year but whatever it is, it has definitely flicked the healthy switch on and therefore my “carb-less” saga continues. So, in a bid to be healthier, have more energy and maybe lose a bit of weight as well, I have chosen this recipe for today, which is very light but delicious. My experience with cauliflower, so far, has either been in a shape of a pickle or as a cheese bake, so that is why I wanted to help this poor underestimated vegetable along and make it the star of this dish. Without any further ramblings I give you the cauliflower rice.

Chicken and Feta Cauliflower Stir Fried Rice
Chicken and Feta Cauliflower Stir Fried Rice –

Makes 2 large portions

1 med-large cauliflower
1 large diced chicken breast (for a veggie option just leave it out)
1 carrot
1 bell pepper
1 white onion
1 egg
1 nob of butter
200 g of feta

Start by chopping your onion, slicing your pepper and grating your carrot. Now take your cauliflower, remove the leaves and blitz it in the food processor until it resembles rice. Get your wok or saucepan ready on medium heat with the nob of butter in. Once that is melted add the onion and sweat it until see through. Add the chicken and cook for about 10-15 mins.

Once that is done add your cauliflower and egg, stirring regularly. As soon as you can see fine strands of egg through it you can add your pepper and carrot and cook for an extra 10-15 mins stirring regularly. When that is finished plate up and add as much feta cheese as you like and dig in.


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