Grilled Turkey Salad & Chorizo Mushrooms

Today I really fancied something light, and being quite busy over the weekend I didn’t make it to the supermarket for my usual weekly grocery shop. I knew it was time to get creative or just feast on crackers and olives. So, as you do, went rummaging through my fridge to see what I had to work with. Having assessed the situation I came up with this little beauty which, went down a storm with my boyfriend…especially because it had no “bad carbs” as he calls them. So here you have it a recipe born purely out of fridge leftovers. Enjoy!

Grilled Turkey Salad and Chorizo Mushrooms
Grilled Turkey Salad & Chorizo Mushrooms –

Makes 2 portions

2 turkey breasts
6 chestnut mushrooms (peeled)
1 small chorizo sausage
1 ripe avocado
1 bell pepper
2 beef tomatoes
1 carrot
1 iceberg lettuce
½ cucumber
1 nob of butter
1 handful of coriander
1 lime

Chop the coriander roughly and place in the food processor along with the juice of your lime and blitz until a smooth puree and place in the fridge until serve. Then make your salad by slicing your tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce and place in a bowl. De stone and de skin your avocado and chop it in small cubes and mix in with the rest of your salad.

Grate your carrot and chop the bell pepper and add to the mix. Place the salad bowl in the fridge until the chicken is ready. You can add a salad dressing, I prefer to just put a pinch of salt in mine. Now take your peeled mushrooms and chop into small cubes along with your chorizo sausage (I like to take the skin off to make it less chewy).

Place a frying pan onto medium to high heat with a nob of butter in. When it has started to melt throw your mushrooms and chorizo in and fry until a bit crispy. While those are cooking get your grill hot and cook the turkey breast for roughly 10-15 min turning regularly (treat it like chicken so make sure is cooked all the way through). When everything is cooked take your ingredients out of the fridge and assemble the way you like.


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